Thursday, April 29, 2010

All Good Things Come To an End

Tabitha Greenlee
Time does fly when your having fun! I can not believe the semester is over already. I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck and warm wishes as you finish school and go out in the world to teach. Christopher Robin once told Pooh "Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." I think those are good words to live by, sometimes we misplace our confidence. I am sure as new teachers this may often be the case in the beginning. When I was a new medic, it was a very often case, but I faked it till I made it! If you are confident in your skills, and believe in you, so to will the people around you. Then it all becomes second nature, self certainty will be yours, without question and people will respect you.

Thank-you Dr. Strange~ you have taught me about a world I never knew existed!

Until we meet again...


How Far I Have Come...

find x here it is
1) What I learned in this class~
Blogging is really, really important! You can spread your ideas around the world and find the ideas of others. The comments are out there if you look, the information is immense. The more I have read, the more I realized that information is never ending. One day not too long ago one of my kids told me they had run out of things to look at on the Internet, I figured they were board like all kids. I now know they were not really looking, they had no concern to learn, they just wanted to play! The comments you post to other blogs are just as important as the blogs you create on your own. Comments4Kids and Comments4Teachers allowed me to see into a world, somewhere else, and into the thoughts of other people. I got to learn new things/ideas.

I had no concept of a PLN, now there are a ton of blogs that I read on a regular basis and some teachers I follow on Facebook( I am not very fond of twitter. But this brings us back to the concept that there is much to be learned from the intelligence of other people. It is like you don't have to make the mistakes they made, they share their experience and you get to learn from it!

Google is a product that was reintroduced to me! I had no idea of its capabilities before this class(and best of all its free)I had used Google Earth before but to do the projects opened my eyes to the implications of it being used as a teaching tool. The document tools, like the spreadsheet/survey options are awesome, and the idea that you can share your document with anyone really saves time.

I see videocast/podcast/iTunes/iTunesU and Youtube all in the same kind of category. I would have never imagined myself making anything and putting it out there on the web, but that did occur. It is much easier than I ever imagined.I can see using these tools to make class projects and sharing things with family and friends. Vacaroo and ScreenJelly quickly became a favorite!

Over all I do see where I learned things in this short semester that it would have taken me years to discover on my own, if I would have ever discovered them at all!

2) I can not think of one thing that this class did not cover that I wish I did.

3) I am content with what I have learned and hope to remember it all.

4)Comments4Kids was the assignment that I looked forward to the most, it was exciting to me to see what kids thing and how they are different all over the world. I felt the comments would make a difference to them in some small way.

5)Using Google Earth was the most intellectually challenging~ because it never works right and I always thought I was doing something wrong.

6) Never Boring...

7) I would change the syllabus so the project are in order with the instructions by the project, not scatted through the semester. The workload is very easy(If I could stop reading in my PLN).

8)I would have to say my technology literacy is good, I wish I was proficient at things like Excel, but I am thinking those things are not as important anymore.

9)Continue my PLN, read, read, read! Technology changes every day, it is our job to keep up with the changes so we don't get behind.

Google 5.1 So Much More Than Earth

T Greenlee & D Tillman
Click here to see the video cast about Google Earth!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 Movies and Some Popcorn!

mother and son
What does my PLN have in common with a 7th graders PLE? More than you would think! We may be at different stages of learning but we have a common goal and that is to learn and to share the knowledge we have acquired. The 7th grader is to an advantage, she has learned this at a young age, and will have these tools though her education. This concept is new to me, I can not get enough. The more I research something the more there is to read about things I never even knew existed. This generation that is being educated now, will know no (or very few) limits on knowledge.

Two questions that can change your life. Is it really that simple? No, I don't really think it is. What the questions do it make you stop and think about what your doing. They are a starting point. The first question is,"What's my sentence?" The second question is, "Was I better today than yesterday?"
If I answer these questions for myself, here are the answers. My sentence is;(it is more of a question) Did you make a difference in someone's life today, or a positive change somewhere? And to answer am I better today than yesterday, I should hope so! I am here on this big blue planet to learn and make a difference, if I am not better than I have digressed and need to reevaluate what I am doing, where I am and whom whom I am doing it with. As long as these ideas continue to be a foundation for goals and aspirations regardless of professional direction, the outcome should be excellent.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

And the Results Are In....

screen caputre of google document
Google has a tool integrated with in gmail. The document function goes beyond the typical word processing and allows the user to create and send out surveys. Google then gathers the information and will even turn the numbers into pie charts and graphs!

I created a survey on technology use, here are some of the results.
(Thank You to the 41 people who responded!)
~ 50% use a computer for 3-4 hours a day
~50% say 1-2 of these hours are for school work
~ 93% are a member of a social networking site
~ all who responded were members of Facebook
~ 53% say they Facebook during class time
~ everyone who responded sends/receives text messages
~ 73% text during class

Want to see the results for yourself? This is a great tool, fun and easy to use!

All the Hype About Skype

two friend hanging out
I used ScreenJelly to teach a friend about Skype . Both tools are very easy to install and use. He and I used Skype to talk, it was like having him right here with me! I wanted to make a ScreenJelly of this , but ScreenJelly would not cooperate! Great tool for the classroom and virtual meetings all over the world.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

The assignment is any topic that stems from working in EDM310. Honestly, I can not come up with one topic. Many topics is more like it.

I would have to first thank Dr. Strange for his persistence. I look around the class and wonder how many will make it as teachers, if you can't come to class and follow directions as a student, how will you lead as a teacher? If your assignments are not done on time, what material will you teach? My kids are almost finished school, so most of you will never teach their generation. But, you will teach a generation that will be influential in my lifetime. Will you be proud of your work?

The next subject would be blogging. This has been the thing I have looked forward to the most in this class. I have seen comments that were negative or gave the idea that the writers were not happy about the assignments. Would you rather do math problems for hours? Really, how hard is it to watch or read something and write your opinion of it? Each of us wants to share and now we have our chance, use this wisely! Comment opportunities are also available, some assigned, others can be done just because it will make someone's day. It can be a great encouragement to a young student to get a comment on a blog post, you never know your comment may be the one that helps that student make the decision to go to college, a life changing outcome.( While on blogging~ People add pictures and links, these make your pages more friendly and colorful. It makes it appear you care about your work!)

Never be afraid to learn, always think outside the box. Technology is our friend! Bring what we are learning to the classroom. Always strive to grow, just because we graduate does not mean we have finished learning. Our personal learning network should always be at our fingertips, helping us learn. Never be intimidated by a computer, there is a reset button somewhere if you goof it up! Remember to manage your time wisely, that is one thing you can never get back( your youth is another).

I have made the decision not to follow through on a career in teaching. I do love children and will always be an advocate for education. The beginning of this month made twenty years that I have been a Paramedic. My heart will always belong to medicine. I will take what this class has taught me and bring it to the world, there is place for this information and many people need to know technology. If parents are introduced to this material they will encourage the schools to present it to their children. This will give you , the teachers of the future the tools you need.

Monday, April 12, 2010


screen shot of blog
This week I visited a classroom in New Zealand without ever leaving my desk. I even got a history lesson! This is a great use of a blog. I am sure this helps motivate the students creating the art for the animation and the writing that goes along with it. Check out Room 16's very own Nezinli and the blog post about Sining of the Treaty!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Not Just any Blog

Until this class, EDM310, blogs were something I read to entertain myself! Now, I can see where the possibilities for bogs are endless. In the educational setting the possibilities are infinite! The range is from teachers using them for communication with students and parents to the students using them as virtual notebooks. The work is out there for the world to see! Many people can come and comment on the work and sometimes the work is recognized by people responsible for the ideas in the first place, this is a great ego booster for the students. Collaborative education gives everyone involved a chance to learn something new!screen capture of mr millers blog
Miller's English 10 Classroom Blog is a great example of how a class blog should work! Mr. Miller post an assignment, and the class gets the information. They can comment, the calendar is on the blog, the vocabulary is posted. I am sure there is information on this page that is exclusive to this page. So it is important that the students pay attention to the page!

Web page global fridge door
I found a blog called Global Frig Door.This is the perfect blog for 3rd graders! Here some of their assignments are displayed- the spelling words are here (as a parent I can certainly appreciate this one!), some pictures of field trips and other class activities are also on this blog. There is student blogging and other things the class has done as a whole! Comments left encourage the kids to be creative. The information for the parents are all in one place, form list of work to be done to the supplies that are needed. Another neat aspect of blogging is the work can be shared with all family members, like grandparents or with with parents that are not living together. There is also the plus of saving the environment by being green!

screen capture Leeza's ice berg

Last, but not least is the blog that is like a virtual journal. Leeza's Ice Berg, is a young girl's story about her life training for swimming competition. She is very descriptive, her story is sad. But, it does show education and emotions are universal!

There are thousands and thousands of blogs out there, to many to read. Some are active and some are not, but most are worth opening and reading over. They all give ideas, even if the idea is not what to do or say!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

two people having a snowball fight
The assignment is to teach someone how to do something with the tool we have learned about in class. I made a video using ScreenJelly, to teach my dearest friend about Skype. I am hoping to virtually reconnect with him, he moved across the country, we worked together years ago and remained friends in to what is now turning into decades! There will be a part 2, the Skype assignment will come about once he gets the email with the ScreenJelly, installs it and we Skype. I will ScreenJelly that, too!
ScreenJelly is easy to use;it makes a video of what is on your computer screen, up to 3 minutes long. There is nothing to download, and there are many methods to share your new video, from email to twitter, right there on the page!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Rocky has created a short video using QuickTime and his art! It is amazing what kids can create when given the opportunity!

Comments 4 Teachers

old fashion classroom with teacher
At the Teacher's Desk was the next blog I visited. 'Are we really sure our successful students are really successful?' was the first post I read. This post makes me think it is not so much about the information, because it is out there for everyone to see and use. It is about the ability to use the information. I spent many years as a medic, and American Heart Association took the guess work out of how to handle situations, you can follow the information on a chart, so you do not confuse what comes next. The real ability comes from knowing what goes where, when it belongs and why. I think more and more educational opportunities should be like this. It should be a practical use of knowledge and not what is regurgitated on demand.

The next blog post, "What will anyone find interesting about us?', bring up the ideas bout blogging and why we blog and why we comment. Until this class, I truly had no concept of what blogging was, nor it's impact. Sure, I had read some, but I did not have any blogs of my own. I had no idea that I could even create one! Now that this class has taught me some things I have the required one and a few others. I comment on the assignments and venture back to comment on other blogs because I know it does feel good to have comments posted about your work. It is very encouraging to have other people read what you blog, the further away the better! I applaud all the teachers who keep blogging in their classrooms and hope that those who shun the idea reconsider, there is a place for technology in learning...that place is here and now. Don't leave the kids of today behind!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a Big Small World

blue ocean with sand beach
So many big things start out with little intentions. The idea that Kaia's Blog was never intended to turn into the teaching tool that it has goes to show how all things can be used for teaching. The simple idea of the beauty in everything and the process of photo documentation can lead to so many possibilities. When Mr. Chamberlain's class commented on her blog, her dad saw what was happening. The contact between Mr Chamberlain and her father, Mr. Raisdana would show just how important it is to have this type of contact with people all over the world.

Sure, it was scary for the students to reach out to Kaia, and although Kaia is young her father realizes the implications of her exposure on the internet. In this case as in many , the benefits out weigh the risk. Kaia is learning about blogging even before she can read, she is getting the chance to see the world from a point of view that may will never experience. As for the people who read her blog, they are able to see things and experience things in a place they will never get to visit. Mr. Chamberlain's class had a virtual field trip with an excellent tour guide! It is because of people like Kaia's dad and their willingness to share with the world. And teachers like Mr. Chamberlain, who show the next generation of teachers the possibilities on the world wide web.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


field with rocky mts in back ground

Here is a Timetoast timeline of my spring break.I got to spend the week in Denver, CO. Timetoast will allow the user to create a timeline with their own pictures on any topic they choose.

Personal Touch

laptop with headphones

My Vocaroo message to Dina Tillman, a response to her message to me! This is such a neat tool, voice mail on the internet. Kind of a personal touch in the digital world. Try out Vocaroo, it is fun and easy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Comments 4 Kids

small purple flowers

Jennifer shows in her blog post that education is universal, every child has something to learn. It is not always about math and science. In her case she is learning the art of her native language, and preserving the culture of the Māori.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Revolution of the Mind

purple flowers on a branch

Why should information cost anything? If you ask me a question and I give you an answer there should be no cost. A debate or discussion should be a source of mental stimulation, not a steady income. Morgan Bayda has blogged about this very question. How much time is wasted or how much money is spent to obtain an education when so much of what we need to learn is right here on the world wide web!

I have recently decided to change my major. I will always embrace education and be an advocate for learning. The one thing that I find to be most distressful is the idea that prior knowledge and experience counts as very little if your lucky enough to have it count as anything at all! It is if we play a game, classes/hours are cards, and we have to collect the right ones, in the right order, to finish and do the thing that we think we are called to do. There is endless information available to everyone on practically every subject, all that has to be done is a search. I do see a revolution happening in education, I also miss some of the traditional ways of blackboards and erasers, but I am adapting. With this revolution must come the change of the system, the students will liberate themselves from the books. We as educators must help them find the way to incorporate this into the knowledge base.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


clear water spring surrounded by trees
Jenny's Learning Journey was my next stop for comments4teachers. Jenny shares her thoughts and the journey she is taking in education. She has posted a wonderful Christmas movie, it not only shows what the kids can accomplish, but what she has taught yourself to do! She did an awesome job!

The second post is about social networking. There is a lot to be said about real connections verses the ferndships created on social networking sites. I am a Facebook user, and friended Jenny. I did this so I could watch and learn. I also have friends on Facebook that have been by my side for years and years, who really KNOW who I am. I think the most important thing any internet networking person should ever do, is be yourself, and never ever lie. The truth always comes out in the wash! There us much that can be learned from distant friends. Jenny is fun to follow on Facebook, she must be a great teacher, her students are lucky to have her!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Trees and mountains in the background
Check out this blog! Kids who are thinking for themself and developing their own opinions about the world. Another great example of blogging in the class room.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Comments 4 Kids

Pink and Blue sky at sunset
This week I visited Mr. McClung's Blog. Topic Google Earth, he uses this platform in social studies, having his students create tours. Very easy directions to follow, on his blog there is a student demonstrating his tour. Do not forget we have one of these to do in EDM 310!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Education is Everywhere ( Look For It)

cat walking in snow
There is a virtual toolbox for education, available to anyone who can find it and is willing to use it. ALEX, or the Alabama Learning Exchange is a great website to find just about anything that can get a lesson started. From English, to P.E. they have the subjects covered. There is an area for professional development, and you can even submit your lesson plans to be posted on the site. Can not forget about the podcast section.

ALEX is very easy to use for lesson plans, you simply pick the subject(click),
and then pick the grade you wish to see the lesson plans. When this opens, it will list the skill areas that have lesson plans and related websites. What a great resource,this is a great site to compliment any teachers collection of sites!

While on the subject of what Alabama has developed to help educators, it can not be forgotten these programs are there to help the student,too!ACCESSDistance Learning is a program that Alabama has started to use to bring a variety of educational experiences to students all over the state. With the help of technology, students are able to receive instruction on course work that may not have been available other wise.

The students have virtual class, with a real teacher that is certified in the area that is being taught. Through video conferencing/ web-based education the students learn the material. The feedback is very positive from both student and teacher. The enrollment continues to increase, this really shows why and how technology will be important to us as teachers!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Comments 4 Kids

A pile of coins
The Bet by Michala
How awesome is it, Michala can write her poetry and thoughts and gets to post them to the class blog! I see this as an incentive to write well, because she now has an audience.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lasting Legacy

The Moon

The next assignment for EDM310 was to watch a video by Randy Pausch. Not the first time I have had to watch this in college, but the first time I viewed it with educational implications. Wow, he covers a lot of information in just over a hour. This is worth the time.

What kind of legacy will we leave to those we come in contact with. Will you make an impact on the life of those you come in contact with. When you get to the end of your life will you regret the way you lived or will you know you did it all the way you wished you did, did you make your mark? Did you teach the children in a way that makes you proud?

Encourage those you are around to make their dreams to come true! No matter how silly they may seem. When you aim for the moon you may reach the stars! The journey for the dream may lead them to a different path, that will make them a very happy person.

Not every person gets to do the glory stuff! Every person has to be able to do the dog work! Without the basic, fundamental parts, the rest of the machine will not work. This goes for every thing, work, play, games, the endless list!

The idea of taking a large class and breaking them in groups , so they may work on projects. Whatever project they desire, and then presenting it to the class. Rotating the students so that they work with others, giving them the chance to work with all sorts of people, share ideas, learning team work, networking and sharing ideas and knowledge. This is the kind of learning that should be in our classrooms, the students would be excited to learn.

Sometimes it is not about what you do, but how you do it. It is not who you are, but how you present yourself. Not about where you have been,it is about reaching goals.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Personal Learning Network...

Children Sitting on a rug playing
I would have never imagined so many people blogged, let alone so many teachers. Just the other night, I was on Facebook, and just for fun tried a search on Special Ed. Teachers. Low and behold, up comes pages there, too! There are list and list, follow teachers on twitter, Mr. Chamberlain has become one of my favorite to follow, and if it is humor from a teachers point of view you wish to read this is the place to do it! I am finding the possibilities are endless!
This will take you an entire list of blogs, I never get very far, because I get interested and read and read. There is so much to learn from other peoples ideas and experiences.

Instant Thoughts

Red Rose
I do not think I can stress this enough, what a great time we will teach in! Today I bought a netbook, this computer is smaller then my first cellphone! It has capabilities beyond those I would have imagined when the cellphone was introduced eons ago. I can listen to music, read, listen to podcast, watch movies, play games, learn,chat with friends, the list is endless. The most amazing thing is many of these things can be done from a cellphone that is no bigger then half a pb&j sandwich! Technology has changed so why are we not using it differently?

In the video 'How We Dream', Richard Miller emphasizes how gadgets can take the place of books and be used to teach students. Look around, this "stuff" is what the students are familiar with. We would not speak to English speaking students in Greek. Why then would we try to teach them with outdated materials and techniques?

Technology has the capability to make learning more interesting. Programs allow lessons to be animated(not like a cartoon. When things move and pop out the student is more likely to pay attention and remember the material presented. The ability to interact with the presentation will also help the attention span and have positive results in the classroom.

Learning Is Personal

Now that netbooks and iPads are here, why spend so much on textbooks? For the price about two of my books this semester I could have bought the laptop I am using right now. With this laptop I can access more information then those two books contain combines and then some. I can obtain so much information connected to the web, I could read for days on end with out stopping and never read the same thing twice.

Now with this idea in mind, why would I ever need a teacher, or ever need to be one? We all need guidance, there is someone out there smarter or who knows which direction the answer lies in. There has to be someone to get yo back on track!A leader to keep things in check.

With this being said, I think developing a personal learning network, and finding information from others, using iTunes U and other credible resources, any student is on the way to better understanding and knowledge of any subject out there!


The Machine Is Changing Us

If you read this blog, and have not watched this video, you really should... What has this world come to? WHATEVER? Who cares? Does it really matter? Actually to me it really does! Perhaps to you it is insignificant, but to someone who has the idea of changing the world one person at the time, everything matters.

Just because we communicate on the web, we post on Facebook or read it on a blog, be yourself. WHATEVER, you do, I am not here to judge you, I want to know you as a person, I want to see you express yourself, your thoughts. Jut be aware, WHATEVER you put out there, it is out there for all to see! If I could give one word of wisdom, only because it is the one thing I , myself would improve on, watch spelling (there is a spell check feature for almost every platform out there/use it!!)

WHATEVER you do, where ever you go, be yourself! Your worth it, and so it the person next to. Take the time to make a difference. Do WHATEVER it takes! We are going to be teachers, we will be making a big difference, for the rest of someones life. Some lives that have not yet begun!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outside of Education

Air Ambulance Landing On I-59 in LA

Click here to go to my personal Blog!

Inspired by what I have learned in this class, I have started blogging my own poetry!
Thank You Dr.Strange for teaching me about blogging!

Comments 4 Teachers

fish in water

I followed Meaning of Life or 42 as my Comments4Teachers assignment.

I explored a link to learning theories the idea, "Learning is about behaviour change", really stuck in my mind.It reminded me about Dr. Strange talking about Burp Back Education, when Mrs.Holmwood talks about teaching outside the core curriculum, I see this as a rebellion to teach what the student needs, in a way they will remember. So often educators are given instructions are given to teach a test not teach so they remember the material. She has created a slap poem for a class that she took that is awesome!

Mrs. Holmwood has made a video that is exactly the experience most of us are getting in EDM310 right now! Her video does a wonderful job taking the viewer through a tour of the possibilities, which I am finding to be endless. I had to look up Second Life, that was a new one for me. Guess, I can barely keep up with reality!

Mrs. Holmwood has helped her students create a great site on YouTube, her students are full of talent and she have found it! She has helped them take their hidden wonders and bring them out for the world to see! It is wonderful that she take the time with her students to learn and try new things. I will visit "CinemaOwls" often, so I can check out the latest production.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Comments 4 Kids

Rain at Sunset on the Mississippi River in Memphis

Check out Regan's Blog!

It is great to see kids are able to express their thoughts, what ever they may be. I was impressed that I was not the first to comment to this blog!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rainbow During A Storm
Field Trip!

Google, Not Just for search anymore!

Take your class on a trip and never leave the building! Dr. Alice Christie has created a site with many resources for teachers( and parents alike) The activities she has planed will not only get the participants using technology, it integrates hands on learning. It is one thing to read something and something different to experience it! No, we can not go to every place we will teach, read or learn about, but a virtual visit can create an experience that will leave an impression on the mind.

The part of Dr. Christie’s web site I like the most is the idea of using Google Earth in the classroom. Children may already be familiar with this platform, but if not it is very easy to learn to use. The tool is free making it more inviting for the educator to incorporate into the lesson. She gives some lesson ideas on her site and also directs the reader to Google, who also provides many great ideas. The topic possibilities are endless, from math to geography. When a student can apply what they have studied they are more likely to remember what we are teaching.
Dr. Christie's Google Ideas
Google Earth for Educators

Why Use iPods?

Give the same exact lecture to every student. Seem impossible? Once upon a time yes, but with today’s technology it is reality! You , the teacher make a pod cast, publish it to iTunes and there you go, the same lecture for every student. One of the things that make this better then saving your breath and giving you more time to work with the students, is the idea that the material can be played back by the student every time they wish to hear it.

Many teachers/professors have already taken the time to use this service, making many titles/subjects available to those who seek knowledge. There are books that have been read and published, or lectures explaining difficult subject matter. They are all there to download and listen to free of charge.
Check Here for Collection of Stories and Poems

These ideas may have you wondering does this really work? Duke University handed out iPods to students in 2005. What a wonderful idea! This has taken off and become more wide spread in the class room. Why neglect technology? It should be embraced like this and used to broaden the mind in every way possible.

Nope! Not an excuse to skip class. The studies are showing that the addition of iTune U to a class or a pod cast achieve higher scores on test. The student still has to do the work, like take notes and pay attention to the lecture. Maybe this is not quite practical for the old generation of learners but those who are a future generation are familiar with this kind of stuff, they will welcome this as their teachers.
Ways to Use Your iPod to Study & Learn

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wii Are Inspired!

A person scuba diving

Click to Check Out Endless Oceans

How awesome is this? A class of children who are inspired by the game Endless Oceans/Wii! This week, I was directed to their teachers blog. She has taken the time to post pictures of them busy at work. They created eye catching pop art.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It Is All About Instinct...

Sun set on Lake

Wiki Never Know-

Do an online search and Wikipedia will be on the top of the list. Clever idea, every one can contribute to the article, but is what you read the whole truth? Is appears that the editors of some of the post are people with motives. Sure, I would not want something negative about me on the web, but at the same time people/companies should live exactly the way they would want to be written about. If anyone can change a post, who better then the company that is getting a bad image from what someone else perceives as the truth? Now that tracking is available to see who changes what, it is more evident that the content of Wikipedia is not reliable and should not be used as a source of reliable information.

An Important Decision-

We have chosen the profession of teaching, the reasons are diverse, but to all of us something in the classroom calls us. I can not help, but to think of how often I see my own children being taught to take a test.Not the who, what, when, where or why, just the right answers to the questions. It is truly about listening to the students and working with them so they understand what they are taught. I once had an instructor who said, "Knowledge with out understanding is dangerous". Part of the real danger can be on the part of the teacher. We have tons of knowledge but do we understand how to teach what we know? Can we communicate in a way the student understand? Each and every student! Can we be flexible and not expect perfection. The students work hard and they are just as disappointed when they fall short of a goal as we are when this happens. Use all the tools available, including computers and great strides will occur in the hunger of understanding. We should never stop learning, new things happen every day, the world is always changing! The one thing we should never forget is to continuously listen to the students. We can accomplish all the desired goals if we listen. We can understand what the student needs in all areas, mind, body and soul.

Monday, February 8, 2010

These are The Leaders of Tomorrow

Child Playing

Check out Evan's Blog!

I am amazed but what Mrs. Cassidy can accomplish by using technology with her class!
Check out Evan's blog, it is like being part of his eduction journey.

Google: The Purfect Companion

Black and Brown Cat
Click to Check Out My Google Presentation

Google Docs has an awesome array of tools! All of these tools have potential in the classroom. The above presentation was very simple to make and if this is used right will capture the student's attention.

Comments 4 Kids

Student Wearing sunglasses

Click here to go to find Noah's Blog

What a great thing that these kids get to post about the stuff they do at school! I can see this being used to help motivate students to journal, instead of the old composition note books! The above link will take you to the blog I posted on!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something Extra

Excited Students

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

February 2, 2010

California Red Wood Trees

Does It Ever End???

The possibilities are endless, but preparation is the key. Even though you will not see your audience, a pod cast should be treated like a public speaking occasion. The pod cast will be better organized and sound more professional when done this way. The idea is to capture the attention of the listener, not keep them distracted by the other things that are going on in the background of the recording.

Potential uses of pod cast are beyond what I could have ever fathomed. But as a teacher they do have many benefits. The idea of using this audio tool can assist by allowing students to listen to a lecture after it has been given, a sick student will not get behind and parents can participate and learn what the children are learning so they can help them understand. If the students make their own pod cast , they will be able to develop life skills. Communication, organization , teamwork and connecting with people around the world are just a few of the options.

There are tons of tools on the world wide web. Sure, there are some that have a price, but there are many that are free! Google has exceptional tools that can make great additions to a classroom. These tools are a great addition to anyone’s web experience. And the best part is they are free. Another great tool is iTunes, they also have educational tools, which can be downloaded for free. There are lectures on a variety of subjects.

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 26, 2010

Kids playing in a classroom

I Thought There Were Peas In a Pod!

I can think now is, wow! I am not old, yet is am older than many of those in college. Until this assignment, I had no clue as to what a podcast is or did. The few short weeks in this class has me wondering why this stuff is not used more often in the classroom. In many ways these applications would free up time for the teacher to be doing something else, like helping that student that is behind or teaching the child who has a hunger for knowledge.

As I listened to "Smart Board Podcast", I realized this is something that can be done from anywhere. The only thing I think I would change would be the devotion given to the audience. Perhaps I am wrong, but doing this is like a virtual answering machine. I found it rude to the audience and the server that the speaker would try to order coffee and record the information at the same time. I could understand recording while I was driving or sitting drinking my coffee, but not while I am in line!

As for Kid Cast, this site is simply amazing. The opportunity to build self confidence in a child by using this tool is endless. The few that I listened to by kids were not perfect, perhaps a bit of adult supervision would have helped the podcast be clearer. The opportunity for teachers to reach the student is also a great aspect. The story I listened to by an adult from this site was very well done.

The other thing I noticed about the various sites and speakers was the amount of preparation that went into their work. It is like giving a speech and you should always try to be prepared when your going to do public speaking. I know this is not always possible, but those who had their ideas drawn out, made a better podcast. It was clearer and more easily understood.

School Is More Then Reading and Writing -

Parents send their children to school so they may become productive members of society. Those of us from the old school learned to read and write. What students have today are opportunities that exceed anything I could have ever dreamed up. Mrs. Kathy Cassidy did a wonderful job showing what her students have learned because of computers, and how they can connect because of them. Although these children were in 1st grade, they were capable of computer task that I am just now learning even exist. Way to go Mrs. Cassidy and class!

These children are our future. Going back to the idea that the jobs these students will be faced with have not yet been created, brings a dilemma. How do you teach what is not yet available? It appears that all that is available to the teacher is being taught to the students. What is most amazing is they understand. The technology appears to enhance their learning, not hinder it.

Huge Potential-

Mrs. Cassidy and class show just how connected they are to the world. These children are being taught not only how to use the web, but how to be safe and courteous. These concepts will carry over to all aspects of their life.

One of the things that I think is wonderful about the integration of technology into the class room, is the possibilities of resources are endless. In this day and age there are so many budget cuts, the Internet will give the opportunity to take students on virtual field trips, and meet people who live on the other side of the world. I hope to be this kind of teacher when I am done. Thank-you Mr. Strange for showing the potential of technology.

If a 1 year old, little boy can use an iPhone better then I can, I can't imagine what he will be technologically capable of by the time he gets to 1st grade. What children have access to today is simply amazing, I just hope to catch up and keep up with gadget world!

Friday, January 22, 2010

January 23, 2010

Being a Student Today...

I can only imagine how college once was, but I do know how it is today. I can wonder how higher education will be different by the time my children go to school. Technology has a place in learning, and makes a great tool to help both the teacher and the student. I often wonder if the advances in technology hold people back because they can not manage their time. Multi-tasking is not the answer. We all do it , but it makes us less efficient.

My experience as a college student probably differs from that of a typical student. I have kids almost as old as many of the people that sit around me. I am here to learn. I am here to make a difference when I graduate. I do have to say, I miss the old way of teaching. I like to interact with my instructors, web based learning is odd to me. But then again when I was in high school, computers were not what they are today.

If It's Not About Technology, What is It About?

I can only reflect on my experiences with my own children when it comes down to the concept of being taught something and truly learning the information presented. I have spent hours, 100's of hours helping my kids "learn" something that was "taught" in a classroom. Both of my boys are dyslexic, and it takes a bit of effort to get the information in a way they can understand. The sad part of this no one else takes the time to help them learn. Although they have a difficulty that not every child has, my experiences teaching tell me that all students learn in different ways.

With that being said, this is where technology can enhance what the future generation is taught so they can really learn the stuff. The young people of today do know more computers and gadgets than most adults. Adults should be learners and adapt to the changes. These new advances will help us be better teachers, because computers/gadgets are where our kids get their information. Imagine if the light bulb was shunned in the classroom the way technology is pushed aside!

It Is Not OK!!

Illiteracy is never acceptable. It does not matter if it is reading and writing or technology. How can a teacher expect to help kids learn if they do not speak the same language? They will not! Educators must get on the same level with the students. There must be an ability to adapt to changing times. The times have changed, and computers are here to stay.

I find the idea of a teacher not liking computers or even taking the time to learn to use them rather absurd. The children in first grade this year will be making the decisions that will effect everyones life before we know it. How many times have you seen the phrase that reinforces the jobs these children will face have not yet been created? Really think about it, there is so much truth to this idea. Another concept-we have become familiar with is the use of computers in the world. These computers either do a job or make the job being done more efficient. If as educators we all believe in technology literacy, we will be able to get better equipment of those we teach. In many schools they computers are outdated or dusty. We must teach this, our lives may depend on it.

Movement of Media-

The rate that that media is moving at this very moment is astounding. Every time I see numbers like this, my thoughts go back to my first cell phone. Funny thing is it was about the size of the notebook computer I am using right now. It may have weighed even more! We were astounded to have numeric pagers at work. (I was a medic and this device became very important to get us places or find us) Then alpha-numeric pagers made the transfer of information from the office to the field a breeze. Now with a cell phone, you can text and get on the world wide web. The cardiac monitors we use were updated and now have computers inside of them to help do the job better. The trucks have notebooks mounted in the cab to make every aspect of the job stream line.

Getting back to the transfer of information going on at this very moment... There are many applications available that are free. The computers should not be dusty, we should be teaching kids with all that is available to them and us. I can see using a blog to help teach my class, even as a way to communicate with parents. I wish those who teach my children now would take advantage to these tool.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

Mr. Winkle may be Waiting Awhile!

This short video showed exactly how far behind our schools are in the United States of America. If there is one place we should exceed, it should be in technology. It is very unfortunate that the leaders in this country have allowed education to slip behind the curtain while other countries encourage children.

The advances in computers have helped mankind in simple and complex ways. These advances have made life longer, water safer, even cleaning your clothes easier! What has lacked with this new technology is the commitment to teach the children of today about their future. Our schools are forgetting to teach real world skills. Do not be Mr. Winkle and go along without advance!

Do I Really Want to Know?

I know we do not teach children the skills they need in the real world. Information Technologies may be one of the most important subjects that can be taught. If the jobs of the future are not yet created, we can have no idea how to help the children of today prepare for tomorrow. What we do know is computers will play a huge role in tomorrow's work force. This country will never get ahead if education is allowed to not be accountable.

Sitting back and allowing China and India dominate education will never get the U.S.A. respected. The numbers show that computers are here now more than ever before and will continue to mesh into our everyday lives. When I was in high school computers were things we read about, it actually seemed like science fiction. I am sitting here, this very day helping my sixth grade son make a movie about his dream job. Every child should have the chance to learn and that opportunity should include computers.

Is Creativity Dead?

The one thing that has been successful is our ability to kill creativity. This is not really so great for the kids of future generations. What I am finding to be the trend for education is perfection. Every answer has to be right, there is no arts outside of language, the students are expected to sit still all day because recess has been shortened and in most cases eliminated. We as a society are killing the imagination of tomorrows adults.

As educators, we must take the time to let our students grow. Mistakes do not equal failure, instead they provide an opportunity for learning something new. We all need to stand up to have crayons and scissors in the classroom, they have their place next to computers! If our next generation is not creative, the advances in the world will reflect this lack of individual thinking.

Kids are Digitally Smart!

Vicki Davis should inspire us all to set out and make a positive change for our students. She is teaching exactly what our children need to know! The way she educates the students appears to keep them motivated and focused. She breeds creativity in her classroom.

As I watched the video "Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts", I felt left out. The schools my kids attend do not have this kind of technology available to them. Does this mean that they are being left behind in education? I am now motivated to do well in my EDM 310 class. I will gain an education that will give to tomorrows generation.